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Connect the ewi 5000 directly to the computer via usb cable. Playing to a backing track, jesus lover of my soul. Patchman music, llc online the wind controller specialists. The ewi usb controller does not make sound in and of itself. What is the difference between ewi4000s and ewi5000. Jkp ctv akai ewi 4000s basis lesson 4000s duration. Ewi5000, the latest addition to the ewi series, combines innovative instrument design, wireless connectivity, and a sound library by sonivox to. If you have ewi 4000s, get some kind of midi to usb converter. I have an ewi for more than 5 years and my 4000s plays an important role in my live performances and studio recordings. Apr 09, 2017 amazing new sounds on the brand new akai ewi 5000.

Simply connect your ewi via usb to call up any instrument from the library then add a multitude of effects to personalise your sound. Ive mentioned before that ive been an ewi guy for many years probably more than 20. It does a great job of teaching you how to set up the ewi so that it works correctly, and it gives you. Its been a long tough slog through this year following my wifes illness and subsequent passing last year and i really havent kept up on things the way i was. Plug the midi cable into the out jack on the ewi, and the in jack on whatever is going into your computer. Ewi5000, the latest addition to the ewi series, combines innovative instrument design, wireless connectivity, and a sound. Reglage ewi5000 pour utilisation des banques patchman. Electronic wind instrument akai professional ewi 5000. Ewi 5000 comes loaded with more than 3gb of topquality sounds, including traditional horn, brass, woodwind, and string sounds, plus progressive synths, leads, and other nontraditional sounds. This is a quick video highlighting how to find the program button which is an unmarked screw on the ewi 5000.

Building upon the legacy of the original electronic wind instrument, akai professional created ewi5000 with the same objective in minddeliver unprecedented. Marian jaslovsky, slovak saxophoneflute ewi player. In addition to the standard ewi woodwind fingering system, the ewi5000, ewi4000s, and ewi usb also feature sax, oboe, flute, and the innovative new evi electronic valve instrument brassstyle fingering mode. The ewi 5000 sound editor software is a custom editor than enables you to manipulate the ewi s sound library on your mac or pc. Im currently installing kontakt 6 player as part of native accesss komplete start bundle. Akai ewi 5000 electronic sax cretu catalin jazz youtube. Ewi usb is an electronic wind instrument for musicians looking for an easytoplay, easytouse controller. I use an maudio 2x2m setup, but im thinking about buying one of the recommended midi to usb make it simpler, maybe theres something about the whole chain thats complicating things i eventually want to buy the patchman soundbank, is there maybe a way to install that a different way. The ewi5000s can also be used with external midi synths and patchman music offers numerous wind controller soundbanks and patches for external synths that can be controlled from the ewi 5000. Ewi 5000 includes an array of advanced features, including digital 2.

Akai ewi ewi5000 midi wind controller at patchman music. This demo samples all 100 stock sounds on the akai ewi 5000. This video shows the step by step process of setting up and calibrating the akai ewi5000. Akai professional ewi5000 frequently asked questions akai. Weve created ewi 5000 to address the needs of todays modern wind players, and were especially excited to see what modern musicians can do with it to push the boundaries of wind instrument performance, said dan gill, akai professional product manager. Akai professional is the first name in electronic wind instruments. But is the only way using the da converters on the device. Ewi5000 setup and calibration video step by step free viewing. Playing the akai ewi5000 electronic wind instrument 201510.

Ive been through your book and the only way to increase volume is to use the level button and run it up to 30. While in setup mode, use this button to move down by one value or setting. Ive only had the ewi for 1 month, just learning the instrument, love it. While holding down the setup, trans, fx, and level buttons, power on the ewi5000 by holding the power button for a full second. Im not saying that any of those 2 instrument could replace any real winds or brass, but it could add an element of feeling when performed in a group, not by itself. Ewi 5000 includes 12 touchsensitive metal keys on its top and an eightwheel thumb controlled octave roller on the bottom. My primary ewi for the last few years has been the 4000s but i didnt ever use any of the internal sounds except maybe at rehearsal when i was being lazy. Any way to send digital audio over the usb or the wifi usb. Akai professional ewi5000 updating the firmware akai. From what i understand, the same is true of the yamaha wind controller. Click the controller or synth at the top to cycle between the modes until you are in controller mode.

Patchman music specializes in everything relating to midi wind controllers and breath controllers including the roland ae10g, ae05, and ae01 aerophones, akai ewi5000, akai ewi usb, akai ewi4000s, yamaha wx5 and vl70m, and wireless midi systems. Akai ewi 5000 sound samples all 100 patches duration. Akai ewi4000s wind controller bret pimentel, woodwinds. The akai ewi 5000 is now the only similar instrument in their product line ewi is an acronym for either electronic wind instrument or electric wind instrument specifically, the akai ewi 4000s for the purposes of this page. I was really discouraged thinking i might have a bad unit. Ewi5000s battery compartment cover below the phones output, install the. Native ewi sounds are a little bit problematic so i bought the famous bank from patchman. The maximum range is about 50 feet, depending on environment. Ewi presets patches sounds bank suonopuro soundbank. I have this oboe patch with dynamic filtering on it that is so responsive, and theres so much else i can do. These eight knobs control some of the basic characteristics of either the program or the ewi5000 itself. The ewi 5000 is a great step ahead, the instrument maintain the overall characteristics of playability and capacity of adjutment to personalize it. Akai ewi 5000 unboxing secret program button youtube.

All sounds were recorded direct with no post processing. When playing the ewi 5000 with a tonguestopped staccato such as what you describe, the tongue can seal off the breath sensor in the ewi 5000 effectively creating an air pocket in the instrument breath sensor that will go away once the tongue is removed from the hole or the air is allowed to pass through the breath sensor. Do not use a 5 pin midi cable or the wireless connection. The wireless connection passes stereo audio to the two 14 balanced outputs on the wireless receiver. I have some cables connected to my computer and to the ewi to play tunes along with band in a box and have done so for years with my ewi. Ewi 5000 has 100 patches plus userbanks, meanwhile roland has only 40. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. I run mine through my keyboard controller maudio axiom 61 or my drum machine native instruments maschine. Our ewi case can accommodate either the akai ewi 5000 or the akai ewi 4000.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading playing the akai ewi5000 electronic wind instrument 20151016. No manual in french as detailed ewi 5000 has the potential to change many parameters, missing a video tutorial to setup, the software utility is not sufficiently explained while he has many possible settings small bug a few seconds to change her. Under the toolspc or ewi usb macmenu, select preferences. Akai professionals decades of experience in wind and electronic music instruments are rolled into our most user friendly and most affordable ewi ever. All akai ewi5000 wind controllers purchased from patchman music are personally setup and tested by patchman musics own wind controller expert matt traum. Learn how to setup the ewi usb on kontakt 5 software duration. Jun 24, 2010 the included sounds are quite playable, but the custom sound bank from patchman music really takes the ewi to another level. Our goal is to inspire you with new tools, sounds and effects, to help you make more music and have more fun doing it. Mike phillips demonstrates the akai professional ewi 5000 by noterepeat. A few thoughts on the new roland aerophone ae10 bret.

Feb 18, 2018 learn how to connect the ewi usb to an audio mixer ewi usb, ewi 4000s, ewi 5000, yamaha wx duration. Im looking to expand what im able to do with it, but im not versed at all in how to go about doing that. Akai ewi 5000 sound samples all 100 patches youtube. Ive owned my ewi 5000 for a few months now, and im rather happy with it. I am going to put it through it paces now, but i have noticed that the trumpet sound responds a whole lot better. Ewi5000, the latest addition to the ewi series, combines innovative instrument design, wireless connectivity, and a sound library by sonivox to create the most expressive and versatile wind instrument available to todays musicians.

Nov 15, 2017 as with everything, technology gets better. The ewi series from akai professional brings the most dynamic and versatile wind instrument technology to the stage. What are the wireless specifications of the ewi 5000. I got an ewi 5000 from sweetwater, it arrived today and it seems you can get audio rendered from the unit and use its headphone out, line out, or the line out of the wifi unit. Quamon fowler streams a live session on setting up the ewi 5000. My ewi has suddenly lost 90% of the out put volume. Buy ewi 5000 wireless, batterypowered next generation electronic wind.

Akai ewi4000s reference manual pdf download manualslib. This extremely lightweight and compact akai ewi case weighing in at only 910 grams or 1200 grams with the optional rigid protection included with the case. Ive had pretty much every model since the 30203030 came out. Playing the akai ewi5000 electronic wind instrument 20151016 kindle edition by zwa, amen. The akai professional ewi5000 combines innovative instrument design, wireless.

The ewi are a great tool, thank you so much for your help. You havent experienced the true potential of the ewi4000s unless youve used the patchman sounds. Matt has worked with akai in the development of all the recent akai ewi models and he knows it inside and out. How do i restore the factory settings on my akai ewi5000. The 5000 offers wireless connectivity, which is great for all musicians the mouthpiece is more sensitive, so it offers more the musician more expression in their play. Akai ewi 5000 electronic wind instrument at gear4music.

To be able to translate what is played into what is heard, selecting the appropriate audio device for your given setup is essential. A reasonable person would get a replacement battery from akai. Ewi 4000s 5000 can select 100 voices from the first bank,but will not change banks or go beyond voices 099. Setting up your akai pro ewi 5000 ewi for beginners, part 1 ewi. Ensure that you are in the controller mode, not synth mode. Fusing a oneofakind, innovative instrument design, reliable wireless connectivity and a divergent, professional sound library from the critically acclaimed leading software developer sonivox, ewi 5000 delivers unprecedented musical expression to wind players everywhere. Lesson 2 in a series of video tutorials on the akai ewi. See more ideas about this or that questions, yamaha keyboard and recorder music.

The ewi 5000 is also more reasonably priced than the roland aerophone 10. Out of the box, the ewi 5000 does not respond well to breath or articulation, and the sounds are very harsh, bright, and cheesy. It should be fairly simple to add such function to ewitool or create separate program,including creation of libraries grouped by the type of voices,now different wind instruments are spread around banks and patches. We can also put together a complete wind controller, windcontroller, or windsynth system for you. Learn how to connect the ewi usb to an audio mixer ewi. This lesson deals with setting up and getting your first sounds.

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