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In the stacks of fondren library, books on obama span an entire shelf. And to his right, nathan brown, who is a nonresident senior associate in the middle east program at carnegie. Syria was no different when its uprising started in 2011. The iranian regime has tried to portray the arab spring as being inspired by iran s own revolution in 1979. This article examines the iranian ruling elites as well as oppositionist views of the arab spring, explaining why iran has not followed its arab counterparts in engaging a. Jan 18, 2018 subregional forums like the gcc can serve particular objectives, in this case for the arab states of the gulf, but they cannot replace the need for a security forum involving other key states in the levant and north africa. Another example was the arab spring, a series of political uprisings, that drove oil prices up in 2011.

Robbins, opinion contributor may 26, 2015 by james s. The article will use this comparison and examination to determine how computermediated communication cmc was used in iran in 2009 and in egypt during the arab spring. See how the arab spring skirted oman, december 2011. The arab spring is therefore both a domestic and a foreign.

To save the syrian regime, iran has deployed several thousand irgc and regular army forces, and iran also commands another 25,000 or so foreign shia fighters from afghanistan, iraq, lebanon. The massive sympathy this act aroused led, in a relatively short time, to the destitution of tunisias president and then to that of egypts. The protests followed the 20092010 iranian election protests and were influenced by other concurrent protests in the. Secondly, in the context of an emerging trend led by some arab countries to engage iran but not without conditionsand thus to invite iran to engage in a reconciliation pro cess with the arab countries on the basis of.

Although syria is not a major source of oil, traders worried how an air strike would affect other oilproducing countries, including iran. To richards right, we have christian berger, who is director of the north africa, middle east, arabian peninsular, iran and iraq desk at the european external action service. Islamic republic of irans strategic culture and national. The us president has expressed readiness to return. Arab spring is a political concept that spread widely in the media and academic art publications.

The four waves of global jihad, 19792017 middle east. In parallel to the arab spring, in 2012, the us and the european union imposed the most comprehensive international sanctions programme yet seen against iran. Arab spring intelligence failure holds warning for u. Later, similar rebellions followed in libya, bahrain, syria and yemen. The middle east and north africa mena have long been laden with tensions and instabilities. Syrias inevitable collapse has been put on the back burner of international politics.

Arab countries have begun to accept this new reality. It was in this vacuum that isi reorganized and recovered from its near destruction in iraq. The 2007 national strategy for maintaining integrity and combating corruption had already provided for the setting up of a national anticorruption body. Harman pellet stove parts find the harman stove parts you. While the arab spring is unlikely to result in meaningful changes in iran and iraqs relationships with the gcc, it has fostered two discernible trends in the larger arab world. The iranian leadership has gone so far as to tout the recent developments in the arab world as a victory for the islamic revolution of 1979, with egypt and tunisia walking in iran s proverbial. The arab spring in oman a very good article from the centerleft huffington post about the arab spring of oman in 2011. Nahid afrose kabir 1 he arab spring was a civil uprising mainly of arab youths in tunisia and egypt which commenced in december 2010 and january 2011 respectively. Iran s rivals are in the game, on the ground, just as carter advised three years ago. The small but wealthy gulf state of qatar is striving to adopt a leading role in the arab world, and has readjusted its foreign policy in the wake of the arab spring. The arab winter is a term for the resurgence of authoritarianism, absolute monarchies and islamic extremism evolving in the aftermath of the arab spring protests in arab countries. Pdf representing the arab spring in the iranian press. Critics of the arab spring argue the success of the iraqi democracy is a result of the. Notwithstanding all the abovementioned academic work, recent research has yet to develop a systematic comparison of the wider arab spring region to investigate the general, structural.

Europe in the new middle east carnegie endowment for. The arab spring intelligence failure holds a warning for u. Pdf in the paper the reasons of outbreak of conflict in syria at the. Iran and the arab spring tehran bureau frontline pbs. A new draft law adopted by the ukrainian parliament and awaiting petro poroshenkos signature threatens to escalate the ukrainian conflict into a fullblown war, pitting nucleararmed russia. The name espand or esfand is the modern contracted form of the older avestan name spenta armaiti meaning equanimity see amesha spentas and the name of an archangel while the number seven corresponds to the divine heptads of god and the six archangels, the seven circles of the smoking censer around the recipients head, also limits the amount of smoke inhaled by the reci. It will be some time before the dust settles and the new political shape of the region is known. Iranian influence in the levant, egypt, iraq, and afghanistan. The obama doctrine and arab spring the obama doctrine is a contentious topic in the scholarly world. Solidarity with the palestinians and arab unity has been put on the back burner in favor of more realistic and pragmatic goals. Ascendancy frustrated gulf research center 5 introduction. The geostrategic consequences of the arab spring opendemocracy. With the exception of iran in 1979, after the initial phase of postcolonial consolidation it was the mid1980s.

A longterm perspective the arab uprisings ended this semblance of harmony. Pdf gaza war puts sporting boycott of israel back on the. Bahrain, saudi arabia and the arab spring that wasnt, 1st edn, p. Mar 26, 2017 the palestinian problem is set to be a priority issue at the arab summit, which will convene wednesday on the shores of the dead sea in jordan. According to bbc, the iranian government holds the belief that the protests were infused by iran s revolution of 1979. Nov 28, 2015 that unconventional war is precisely what was in preparation for syria, before the events of late 2010 and early 2011 in egypt and tunisia, which came to be known as the arab spring. Oct 09, 2017 for example, despite saudi efforts to form a united regional front against iran, the conflicts of the arab spring have frequently seen the states of the gulf cooperation council gcc act against. Iran and the arab spring naysan rafati t he events of the arab spring, it has been argued, have their precursors in iran. The model would be an extension of al qaeda or the islamic state in iraq, drawing on syrian muslim brotherhood networks and the ever faithful, sectarian and. Iran s leaders assert that the political structure of the middle east is heavily. I am working for the organization founded in israel by israeli. These corporate global overlords intend to crush the democratic, popular character of the arab spring and stop it from spreading.

Iran s persian roots, the islamic revolution, reform and enlightenment after the 1979 revolution, the 19801988 iran iraq war, the arab spring that started in 2010, and contemporary issues such as extremism and. In 2011, the middle east witnessed the second arab spring. New words new subentries new senses new word entries. Regional implications of the arab spring \ shlomo brown iran and the turmoil in the arab world \ ephraim kam the gulf monarchies. Oct 09, 2017 hamas had long relied on the support of syria and iran, but shifted its dependence to qatar and turkey in the aftermath of the 2011 arab spring. Apr 14, 2017 iran takes advantage of conflicts having nothing to do with iran to bring in capabilities and weapons that threaten iran s adversaries. The second phase of muslim expansion, beginning with the establishment of a turkish muslim dynasty in ghazni, followed the traditional northwestern routes for the invasion of. For the jews, however, particularly in the postholocaust world, it became a unique and special beacon to jews all over the world.

This chapter seeks reasons for why the events of the arab spring occurred and if the u. Gaza war puts sporting boycott of israel back on the front burner. December 2010 to february 2011 during the arab spring, and the postelection protests in iran in 2009 that became known as the beginning of the green movement. The islamic republic of iran, the largest non arab country in the region, has sought to play an influential role in regional politics since its establishment in 1979, and the arab spring protests have provided the prime opportunity for doing. Arab spring, while the demands of protestors and revolutionaries were more mundane. Arab spring, arab awakening, middle east, civil war.

In exchange iran has been able to offer what neither the west nor other regional powers could offer syria. The geopolitics of the region grc paper the arab spring has yet to give way to the hopedfor glorious summer, but for iran it has already turned into a winter of discontent. Since the beginning of the arab spring, the question of iran s own political situation and its relationship to the arab movements has become a controversial issue. The arab uprisings and international relations theory. In this landmark book, hamid dabashi argues that the revolutionary uprisings that have engulfed multiple countries and political climes from morocco to iran and from syria to yemen, were driven by a delayed defiance a point of rebellion against domestic tyranny and. In doing so it has tried to stick to its former strategy of maintaining good relations with all countries that could be important to qatars survival primarily the us and iran. The pattern of iranian economic, social, political, and diplomatic activity seemed to possess a unity that us policystovepiped into separate us concerns such as the war in iraq, the israelpalestinian peace process, the iranian nuclear program, and, subsequently, the arab spring often seemed to miss. Libyathe death of dictator first protests in libya started on january 2011 but mass uprisings began in the city of benghazi on 15 february 2011. New words list september 20 oxford english dictionary. Some of these activists and bloggers also tackled the issue of female genital mutilation fgm. Pdf arab spring, revolutions, and the democratic values.

Others will portray the saudis as the belligerents and iran as misunderstood. Saudi arabia and the arab spring ren rieger gulf research center arab spring as well as by the growing popular displeasure about the widespread corruption in the kingdom. List of new word entries in addition to revised versions of second edition entries, these ranges contain the following new entries. Revolutions and inequality in north africa and the middle east. From cables released by wikileaks we know that the us embassy in syria was concerned that, despite the sanctions imposed in 2005 for syrias noncooperation over iraq, syria had ended 2006 in a much stronger position domestically and internationally than it did in 2006.

While turkey framed the growing conflict as a humanitarian issue and an oppor. Arab states, such as egypt and the uae, which together with russia back haftar, are also incensed by turkeys moves. Introduction the middle east and north africa mena, made up of the arabian peninsula, the levant, and north africa figure 1, has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. It is remarkably difficult to accurately explain the course of events in egypt, yemen, or libya without reference to saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, qatar, or iran. The events of the arab spring were an inevitable surprise. Israel mostly minds its own business within its borders and so long as you are not openly hostile and militarily threatening, they are willing to live and let live. Missing from the scene is an umpire to manage conflicts and halt. When the uprising against bashar al assad began as part of the arab spring, kurds participated, but after 2012, when they captured kobani from the syrian army, they withdrew most of their energy from the war against assad in order to set up a liberated area. Sep 15, 2015 the turmoil in arab countries that is called the arab spring is conventionally said to have been sparked by the selfimmolation of mohamed bouazizi in a small village of tunisia on december 17, 2010. Ascendancy frustrated gulf research center regional politics is now more complicated, with crosscutting alliances and linkages and multiple issues, sectarian, territorial, and political. Even if iran might not launch nuclear missiles at israel, its agents still might plant dirty bombs in israel, causing mass casualties and spreading panic. Arab spring, iran, political islam, middle east, regional. According to huffington post the arab spring in oman was probably a warning send to oman from the united arab emirates, in order for. The 20112012 protests in iran were a series of demonstrations in iran which began on 14 february 2011, called the day of rage.

On the other hand, some scholars like picerkings 2011 and simonowitz 2011 acknowledge the green movement as the catalyst for the beginning of the arab spring that caused the fall of two. Sustained street demonstrations took place in morocco, iraq, algeria, iranian khuzestan. The syrian conflict and turkey and iran s divergent policy choices became dealbreakers for the two rival regional powers. The us found itself a bystander in the region during the arab spring, failing to anticipate it, but given its. The roots and causes of the 2011 arab uprisings kamal eldin osman salih abstract. This concept is used as an indication to a wide range of uprisings in the middle east and north africa mena region during the past two years.

As emphasised by harpers own words, hatred of the popular movements is a prominent motivation behind the threats facing iran and syria. Irans role in the arab spring of libya iakovos alhadeff. Saudi arabia was the aggressor in the arab spring of syria and oman, and saudi arabia was the defender in the arab spring of tunisia, egypt and bahrain. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, and again risking heightened military confrontation, tehran and washington should pursue humanitarian diplomacy aimed at containing the virus and releasing detainees. However, its harsh treatment of the protestors and opposition after the 2009 elections has sharply undercut this argument. Movement as the most important political event in iran since 1979 revolution. The burner plan, formally entitled a responsible plan to end the war in iraq, was a 36page policy paper presented 17 march 2008 by darcy burner and other 2008 democratic congressional candidates, in cooperation with some retired national security officials.

However, the recent arab uprisings, better known as the arab spring, have intensified volatility. Down the foreign policy slope article pdf available in contemporary arab affairs 82 march 2015 with 2,301 reads how we measure reads. With the success of the protests in tunisia, a wave of unrest sparked by the tunisian burning man struck algeria, jordan, egypt, and. Iran was the aggressor in the arab spring of egypt, tunisia and bahrain, and iran was the defender in the arab spring of syria and oman.

Most reports back then came from the southern province of dhofar, where most probably fgm type 2 is practiced, a complete excision of the clitoris. Differences with iraq, many gulf states, and egypt over the akps ties to the muslim brotherhood, policies in the wake of the arab spring, and stance on qatar have diminished turkeys stature in the arab world. Nov 22, 2014 iran is losing its influence and soft power in the levant region as a consequence of the arab spring on account of its support for the syrian regime, although in lebanon it still has a strong. Ultimately the arab uprisings could lead to an increase in oil supplies if depletion policies change and. Whats really at stake for america in yemens conflict the. The term arab winter refers to the events across arab league countries in the mideast and north africa, including the syrian civil war, the iraqi insurgency and the following civil war, the.

Iran s response to the arab spring has been to block possible transnational dissemination, which tehran perceives as a threat to its model of political survival. Protest, revolt and regime change in the arab world. During the years of the arab spring a small civil society emerged asking for more political freedom. Pdf in this chapter, we will continue to discuss arab revolutions in a wide historical and theoretical. After the alkibar bombing of 2007 when syria received no sympathy or support from the arab world, iran recognized the opportunity for becoming closer to the syrian government. Iran s foreign policy line as of 1979, the shia factors in middle eastern countries, iran s influence on these factors, and tehrans attitudes and the movements in the face of the rebel movements in the arab. Three people were injured, including one critically, overnight tuesday as israel bombed hamas sites in the gaza strip, palestinian security and medical sources said, hours after a. The armed forces played a decisive role in many of the arab uprisings, particularly the early ones. The warped logic of school privatization dissent magazine.

Tunisia, egypt, libya iran, takes a historical approach to examine the uprisings. The 201820 arab protests, also referred to as the new arab spring, arab summer or arab spring 2. Yet russia and turkey did, even before the berlin meeting, attempt to force their respective allies to stop fighting and discuss what an eventual settlement might look like, bringing haftar and serraj to moscow in early january. Syria and washingtons new middle east global research.

This pioneering explanation of the arab spring will define a new era of thinking about the middle east. I am working with israeli people 23 hours every day. Prospects for gender equality after the arab spring april 201 no 1 iv nnessen senior researcher the betrayal of revolutions. Pdf arab spring as a background of civil war in syria.

This article addresses the approaches of turkey, iran, syria, and iraq in dealing with the kurdish issue, with a special focus on historical background. This and the hostility of the arabs in varying degrees over time, created the present geopolitical. In many ways the outcome of the arab spring is still in flux three years on. First, saudi arabia has sought to reassert its position of prominence and leadership within the gcc. During the destabilisation of postsaddam iraq, syria was on washingtons back burner, but hardly forgotten.

Request pdf turkishiranian competition after the arab spring turkey and iran are on opposite sides of a bloody civil war in syria. Washington, june 7, 2011 president barack obama reiterated the need for libyan strongman moammar gadhafi to step down and hand over power to the libyan people, emphasizing during a joint news conference today with german chancellor angela merkel that the pressure will only continue. Second, by march 2011 the arab spring protests had come to syria, rapidly leading to a militarized response by the regime and, over time, its loss of control over large swaths of syrian territory. Iran has long seen the syrian regime as a vital ally it is tehrans only true state ally in the arab world, and perhaps even in the entire world. Trump, the absentpresent guest at the arab summit arab news. Imarat, is a country in western asia at the northeast end of the arabian peninsula on the persian gulf, bordering oman to the east and saudi arabia to the south and west. Immediately, the us, saudis, qatar, turkey and the eu aided and abetted them in. Prospects for gender equality after the arab spring.

Thi s researc h articl e attempts to scrutinize the nature and cause s of the ara b uprising s which too k people by surpris e globall y throughou t 2011 and int o 2012. Analysis of the arab spring 3 blunders in state response, in particular using a heavyhanded approach and trying to crush opposition, had the reverse effect of galvanising more people to join the protests icg, 2011b and 2011d. To move beyond this arab spring legacy and regain a reputation for mediation and diplomacy, qatar may well have to step back from the regional leadership that was characteristic of dohas policies during and after the arab spring, and act instead as a facilitator of dialogue and quiet negotia. Yet the proponents of such a view are split over which iran it is that serves as the inspiration for events in tunisia, egypt, libya, and elsewhere. The report iran, the shia crescent and the arab spring mainly focuses on these issues. Iran finds its revolutionary message diluted and overtaken by events. Of course, already in 2011 the most burning question. Every arab spring was explicitly an anticorruption demonstration, explains one expert in the films early moments. In addition, the article discusses how this issue affects relations among the aforementioned. May 24, 2017 saudi arabia and other key allies split with the obama administration over the iran deal, u.

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