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This beloved series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in the west in 2017. Its pretty easy if you make time to give him gifts every day. Friendship level, at least 0 fp purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, or. Characters who appear in story of seasons 2014 for the 3ds. Fan page about rune factory and story of seasons harvest moon series. In green menu, menu for in green, magarpatta, pune zomato. Wanting to respect his grandpas craft, raeger tries his hardest to run the restaurant in. Its the same player character, i simply chose to rename her because the default name didnt really appeal to me. Gameplay is what draws people in and keeps them playing for days, weeks, and even months at a time. You have given raeger at least 100 gifts all gifts count, even ones that he hates it is not a festival day. The lost valley are clearly targeting different groups. Inaris light green flower event part 1 story of seasons trio of towns.

Harvest moon and story of seasons have different audiences. Thats partially because, as the true successor to the harvest moon series despite the branding confusion, it features a bit more in terms of polish and gameplay advancements. So in story of seasons, i have been struggling for many seasons to break up with raegar. Chained new world is the second title of bokujo monogatari series on nintendo 3ds, and also the first entry to the rebranded story of seasons series for international market. Oak tree town is populated by many colorful characters, including twelve potential love interests six male, six female as well as several npcs, and.

When raeger is downstairs in the restaurant, walk into the restaurant with a ring in your bag. Could i ask you not to show off so much in my restaurant, please. Story of seasons raeger purple flower event youtube. Story of seasons a popular guy raegers pink flower event.

Question so i picked up the game a few days ago and im wondering how long it takes to start gaining traction with gaining friendship points with the npcs. So not a flower event, but high level romance talk that is making me question pursuing nadi over raeger. Then, you can see the rest of her flower events and eventually marry her by giving her a blue feather. I wanna make a farm where you can relax and live life just how you like. Fritzs flower events a story of seasons help guide. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work ctrl acmd a will select all, or use the tweet or tumblr links to share the work on your twitter or tumblr account. There are multiple bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from and there is a lengthy process that goes into getting married, which involves giving gifts, seeing flower events, and more. You are dating klaus there is a white flower bud next to his flower how to start the event. I know the purple guy is cam but i forgot the other one.

In green magarpatta menu view the menu for in green pune on zomato for delivery, dineout or takeaway, in green menu and prices. You cant trigger the yellow flower event until he actually has a yellow flower or higher. Trio of towns introducing the male marriage candidates available to the player. You are dating raeger there is a white flower bud next to his flower. Then i reloaded the game because i passed out from exhaustion and missed the rest of the day and i got a letter from raeger. Games harvest moon story of seasons genres family rpg simulation platforms 3ds tags story of seasons bachelorettes story of seasons flower events story of seasons gifts story of seasons guide story of seasons marriage source. Wanting to respect his grandpas craft, raeger tries his hardest to run the restaurant in a similar manner that his grandpa did, and strives. Ludus light green flower love event ludus future wife. Fritz is at a purple flower color or higher you have seen fritzs white flower event when you walk into fritzs house, you notice that he is setting out a lot of food.

Raegers flower events a story of seasons help guide. There are only 4 flower events 2 before dating, another 2 after dating for each marriage candidate. Raeger has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here. If the flower looks blue or green,itll take some time. Potential spoilersfavorite flowerrival events story of. Which story of seasons bachelor would marry you quiz. The englishspeaking fandom, however, is overall very fond of the rival system and wishes wish it was in more mes. Story of seasons child grown up event with raeger duration. Give the ring on a sunny saturday or sunday before 11.

Jul 15, 2016 find out whose the perfect husband for you in the farminglife simulator story of seasons. This is how i envision my character acting with the townsfolk and what i picture the story being like. The biggest adventure yet in this beloved series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in the west in 2017. I think i had fritz and raeger at the yellow or green flower at the time, while i had mistel and klaus at the pink flower, so not sure if the affection mattered. Japan isnt fond of the rival marriage system, which is why several games lack rivals.

The events are triggered by the level of affection pointsfriendship points, as indicated by the flower color. Afterwards, if you have a sewing shed made, you can make a ring and give it to your love. Story of seasons kamil yellow flower event duration. Raeger is a serious chef who inherited the restaurant in oak tree town from his grandfather who passed away a little while ago.

See her first two flower events, then veronica will pry into your personal life and tell you about the traditions of oak tree town. Following last weeks bachelorettes trailer, xseed games has released a new trailer for story of seasons. Story of seasons raeger purple flower event newmoondoll. Not exactly an otome but the game has romanceable options look at all of these cuties xseeds story of seasons. Story of seasons asking you out nadi pink flower event. It was actually inspired by a particular line in his purple flower event as was the title of the story. Jun 29, 2015 way back in the day, i made a walkthrough to harvest moon. Short episodes of my play through of story of seasons. Story of seasons raegers dinner raegers yellow flower event duration. Story of seasons raeger yellow flower event youtube.

The gleaming light from the morning sun gifted the frigid air with a warming glow. These are in no specific order and are mostly about minori, fritz, and raeger. So here i am again, about a decade later, writing another harvest moon guide. Oct 16, 2015 you cant actually order delivery in the game, but i like to think if i could it would really piss off raeger. Employees for margaret farm started their work before dawn, clearing snow from the stone paths which were paved all throughout the massive property. Raeger has a purple flower color or higher you have seen raegers white flower event you walk into the restaurant and have a seat at the bar, but raeger takes a little bit of time to welcome you. If the event described was listed under, say, white flower event, but you didnt trigger it until he was at a blue flower, that doesnt make it a blue flower event, it is still the white flower event. If you are trying to trigger a reverse confession from raeger, he needs to be downstairs in his restaurant and not upstairs in his living quarters. You have seen raeger s white flower event and raeger s purple flower event. Story of seasons image zerochan anime image board xseeds story of seasons. Ill also admit upfront that i tweaked raeger s personality a little. For characters from other games in the series, check out the characters page here. Queerability aside, story of seasons is by far the best incarnation of the harvest. He asks if youd like some fried rice and starts to make it for you.

Story of seasons feels like its continuing a trend in the bokujou monogatari line of games. You have seen raegers white flower, purple flower, confession, and yellow flower events. Im already at like yellow flower color with reager, but were not even dating. You have seen klauss white flower event, purple flower event, and confession event. There are multiple bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from and there is a lengthy process that goes into getting married, which involves giving gifts, seeing flower events. When it comes to that, story of seasons and harvest moon.

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