Book fairs for primary schools

All of the profit made goes right back to our school and to our students. With schools hardpressed to find the volunteers, the room and the time to hold a traditional school book fair, we set out to engineer a fullsized personalized book fair for the palm of your hand. They are a good way to raise money or receive free books for your school. The tchotchkes, the toy books with moving parts, etc. The right book can ignite a passion for reading, so we encourage families to work together to create a reading. Sheels book fairs are available to primary schools in london, catering for your schools specific needs be it parents evenings, school projects, books weeks, sats revision conferences or just a normal day at school. I wat to enter to this contest only to add something i think will be useful for other teachers even if i know i cant. The excitement of an eyeseeme book fair is one of the best ways to encourage reading and introduce children to new literature. Our book fair manager, ben, individually tailors the contents of each and every lamont book fair to your schools requirements.

The book fair selection open up the cases on your book fair to discover a wide range of great books enough to get any child excited by reading. Earlier this year, we asked primary school pupils from all over the uk and ireland to send us pictures or stories of new superheroes. Even scholastic fairs will look different at each school, depending on how much the school traditionally makes. When a follett book fair isnt the right fit, weve created an online fair for small or remote schools. Students can choose from a multitude of different genres such as. We have a great selection of fun, and inspiring books, cds, movies and christian themed gifts for k8 grade students, teachers, and parents. If children do not have any money they are allowed to look at the books and sometimes make a note of the titles. A secure, cashfree way to shop the fair with yearround shopping online. Our school book fairs are available to primary schools in london and kent and cater for a diverse set of specific needs.

Best of all, each fair provides kids access to more books. Our book buying team who have expertise in publishing, bookselling, librarianship and education scours the book world and talks to teachers to put together a range that. The reading warehouse has created a book fair program that will provide your students with high quality low cost books that make reading fun. We provide everything you need to promote and run your book fair. We take your recommendations into consideration and the books we provide are bespoke to your specific school.

Usbornes awardwinning school book fair scheme gives pupils more beautiful books to enjoy, whilst improving their literacy at the. Book fairs help your school stock up on resources to enrich your childrens education. Jun 24, 2009 keep your ears peeled for book fairs in your local schools. I have been a librarian for 30 years and this is the best selection of books i have ever seen. I have movement and nutrition books for kids ideal for school libraries. Our bargain book fairs provide books to you at up to 90% off retail so that you can resell them to students at low prices and still make twice as much profit as traditional book fairs. I love the support of an idaho company and the great selection of books. The best books and stories brought to life with unforgettable characters.

Publicity material such as posters, invitations, money envelopes and information that would be. Book fairs promote literacy and foster the joy of reading in children. Scholastic scholastic book fairs remote work from home and. Before the book fair, she will have a discussion with you to find out what your students are interested in and any specific requirements that your school has e. Without a doubt, these book fairs are an active meeting point for top publishers, the leading distributors, and literary agents, who scout for work they want to represent, helping you to gain valuable traction for your book. Personal prefair visit to get the details right on selection and design a book event which may include poetry reading or. Earn cash for the school or get double the profit with scholastic dollars. Independent usborne organisers offer a unique book fair service throughout schools in the uk and europe, as they will take care of everything.

Hosting a book fair is a great way to support your schools reading efforts. Publicity material such as posters, invitations, money envelopes and information that would be useful in a newsletter will all be provided. Whether you hold an usborne school book fair or have an usborne stand at your school fete, you can get up to 60% of your total order value in extra free books. There are very few choices in the bay area as far as companies that do book fairs.

Many schools add our cashless book fair option to their cash, check or credit card processing. Get details on your fair dates, ewallet, online shopping, volunteer opportunities, and more. Different schools use money earned through scholastic in different ways. The beloved tradition of bringing books to students and giving back to schools. Book fairs build the excitement and fun of reading in a popup bookshop event at your school. When we have had book fairs through school at least 1 has tied into world book day where they get a. Christian book fair, a nonprofit ministry for christian. The cranes have been providing great book fairs to the schools of alabama, georgia and tennessee for over 30 years. Book fairs for christian schools good news book fair. Book fairs as school fundraisers berkeley parents network. All displays and racks are provided by your school.

The fair will be run by your local primary books consultant who will make a brief visit to the school a few weeks before the book fair to discuss the arrangements venue, times and so on. Fairs are conducted at preschool, primary, and intermediate schools, under the direction of the librarian, teachers, or pta. A scholastic book fair is a special event that enables parents and children to purchase quality books at reasonable prices, helping their school raise funds for special projects, classroom materials, and library books. The experts at scholastic book fairs handselect books based on characters and subjects children enjoy, including bestsellers, new releases, awardwinning titles, and lifelong favorites.

More books means more choice, which means kids get to read the books they want to read. Book fair gift vouchers are the simple, secure way to ensure a child gets the books they want when the book fair arrives and are perfect if a parent cant make it to the book fair. The christian book fair goal is to provide book fairs and a fundraiser to the private christian preschools and primary schools as well as home schools. Self published authors are a good source for different types of books and scholastic has a monopoly on school book fairs.

I should form a group of self published authors to give schools an alternative visit. Personalized book fairs 1 schiffer publishing 1 charlesbridge 2 items. We have fun and wholesome, age appropriate picture books, middle grade fiction, and young adult novels for teens. For nearly 40 years, scholastic book fairs has maintained a tradition of bringing books to students and giving back to schools. The more a school sells, the better selection scholastic will send. They often are held during conference week when the parents have to come to school. Book fairs onsite book fairs takes place at your school boxes are packed by us and picked up by you. Prek k grades 1 2 grades 3 4 grades 5 6 grades 7 8 professional. The launch of follett book fairs is a direct challenge to scholastic, which has long dominated the business and does 120,000 fairs in the u. Over the past couple of years, the profit earned has equipped our media center with new apple imac computers, ipads, new library books and materials, and supports all accelerated reader and dewey. Scholastic book fairs, in partnership with schools around the country, hosts more than 127,000. We will provide expert advice based on your specific needs to ensure your school book fair benefits your extended school community. Scholastic book fairs are great fundraisers for our school media center. Book fair offers books for prek 8 th grade and a section for teachers and parents.

School book fairs are a wonderful week long reading event, with mobile bookcases packed with the best books to sell to your pupils. Please read on, we have 3 more pages about our book fairs. When a school hosts a scholastic book fair, they bring students. Online book fairs perfect for small schools or those outside our service area, follett book efairs are a fun, easy way to get the book fair experience and selection online. Delighting kids, librarians and ptos with quality book fairs since 1995, allbook delivers to schools in new jersey, new york, pennsylvania and connecticut. They started their small home business working as a contractor for the original book fair provider, school book fairs, until, like in many other businesses, a few large corporate competitors moved into the market, buying up the. Based in alabama, weve spent the past 25 years partnering with media specialists and parent organizations across the southeast to provide affordable, interesting books for students while maximizing the cash and book profit levels for schools. Download, modify, and print your materials click below to access the materials in a microsoft word format color or blackandwhite. Here are some sample lists of popular books we send to schools. Personal consultant a dedicated book fair expert provides support every step of the. In order to increase the number of diverse books in the home we offer book fairs to schools, daycares, and other organizations, which can also be a means of fundraising. Once the document is open, add your personal information in the appropriate sections and print. With all the options of book fairs, you can pick and choose the ones whose theme and audience connects with your book.

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