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Most eurail passes offer free travel for up to two children per adult pass holder. You can do this at a european train station, or online using our free activation service at checkout. Italy charges a seat reservation fee of 15e20e on top of your eurail pass for the eurostarclass trains. Those who travel using one without the other are subject to the payment of a full fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking. Pdf europe by eurail 2016 download full pdf book download. The company is owned by over 35 european railway and shipping companies. It is much more helpful when it comes to considerations that you cant control. Proof of citizenship can be established by a passportidentity card.

Make the most of your visit to great britain with this pass which provides access to all trains on great britains national rail network. If you have experienced a train delay of more than 60 minutes. Just hop on the next train and dont worry about it. Travel throughout 33 countries across europe at your own pace using the most convenient train pass. Eurail passholders enjoy frequent, fast, and efficient travel by rail between the great citiesand smaller townsin europe. The best way to use this train network is to get yourself a eurail pass. Find and search travel partners in the eurail community. The eurail pass also entitles travellers to free or discounted travel on some major shipping lines. However if youths aged between 12 and 27 travel alone or in a group, have the option to buy second class pass too. For adults, the ultimate pass 3 months continuous, unlimited travel, will currently cost you 8. Eurail pass, a complete guide train travel europe lemonicks. Train travel in italy with a eurail pass eurail blog.

Promotional passes such as the 20% off and free travel day special are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. Download now europe by eurail has been the train travelers onestop source for visiting europes cities and countries by rail for more than forty years. This app enables you to easily look up train schedules and routes across europe without any wifi or. A eurail adventure guarantees wonderful sights and unforgettable memories.

Its easy to download and install to your mobile phone. Each pass is packed full of special freebies and discounts that you can get just by flashing the humble document. Eurail one country, eurail select and eurail global passes offer a certain number of travel days within a timeframe of up to three months. Eurail is the official online sales channel for eurail passes, based in the netherlands. The eurail pass also works on your time frame, though you cant just swan around when you feel like it. Slovenian and croatian railways join, and the pass becomes valid in 20 countries. Aside from that, there are also participating ferry companies and public transport companies. Standard eurail passes are refundable, minus a 15% cancellation fee. In those situations, you either wait for the next train with passholder availability, or buy a full price walk up ticket there and then. Choose between the consecutive and flexible eurail global pass at klook and travel on trains without any ticket hassles.

Jan, 2016 this past summer i spent 2 months travelling around europe with a eurail pass, where i took a total of 12 trains through 8 cities and 7 different countries. For example the 7 days in 1 month eurail global pass includes seven travel days within a period of one month. Eurail pass so that you can get the most out of your european travel experience. With its global pass, eurail now provides unlimited train travel in 28 european countries. Are you from outside europe and would you like to discover europe by train.

Eurail passes are made to ease your train travel experience through europe for a. Get the full flavour of europe with train travel in 31 countries with the eurail global pass. Eurail global flexi passes, former europass by euro railways. Explore up to 40,000 destinations in 33 countries with just one rail pass, from big cities to tiny villages. Download eurailinterrail rail planner and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad and ipod touch. You can combine 15 countries, or get a global pass for full admittance to all 28 participating countries. It includes a guide to using eurail passes, types of eurail passes and many more things. Pdf europe by eurail 2017 download full pdf book download. A eurail pass consists of a ticket and a pass cover. Please note that most highspeed trains and all night trains need an advance reservation. Canceled services, bad weather, or other disruptions could lose you the use of a pointtopoint ticket, but your eurail pass will still be valid when you need it.

I was going to splurge on a single sleeper, but ended up in a fourbed compartment with south. Eurail global passes are valid for travel in 1st class or 2nd class for adults, including saver fare and children and 1st or 2nd class for youths under 26 years old saver pass. Rail planner eurailinterrail for ios free download and. Most eurail pass users follow the popular routes through italy. We were thinking of buying a 3 month global eurail pass for the first half of the trip and probably one or two select or regional passes to make up the difference all discounted for 2 travelers. Oh, and one more thing dont forget to download the.

This comprehensive guide provides the latest information on fares, schedules, and pass options, as well as detailed information on more than one hundred specific rail excursions. A eurail pass is your ticket to free and flexible travel all across europe. It even works offline, so you dont have to turn on your data or go. It costs 72 for a fullflex ticket at the station on the day, good for any train that day. Eurail passes are eaily the cheapest way to travel the european train network, especially if you plan on making many trips during your holiday. Since the company started in 2006, we have helped customers from all over the world to have an unforgettable eurail train trip. The ultimate guide to the eurail pass tickets, reservations. Despite the need to reserve some trains, the longer versions of the eurail global pass are really very well priced.

We can help you book your seat reservations for 95% of the trains in europe. You can buy a eurail pass if you are a resident of a noneuropean country. Explore destinations throughout england, scotland and wales. Book a rail pass now and travel up to 17 months later.

Its more than just a train ride, its a journey full of breathtaking adventures. For global eurail pass, if one of the travelling group is an adult then the only option is to buy a first class eurail pass. Children under 12 years old travel free with adults. The eurail pass, introduced in 1959 and formerly known as europass or eurorail pass, is a rail pass which permits travel through 33 european countries on nearly all railroads and several shipping lines. Covering 33 countries, the global pass allows you to travel freely through most of europe, from portugal to finland to turkey.

A eurail pass gives unlimited free travel on all the normal scheduled train services run by the national train operator in each of the countries it covers, although youll need to make a reservation andor pay a supplement on some trains, see the countrybycountry guide. Sep 30, 2017 additionally, some private railway companies do not participate in the eurail and interrail pass offer. Lost or stolen passes are also nonrefundable unless covered by the pass protection plan. From austria to turkey, passholders experience stressfree travel that combines beautiful iconic scenery and a chance to meet other. This past summer i spent 2 months travelling around europe with a eurail pass, where i took a total of 12 trains through 8 cities and 7 different countries. Follow the link below to see the full list of participating companies. Upload your favorite photos and videos here and show everyone just how amazing your trip has been. Which extra reservations you have to pay and how to avoid them. Discover germanys most popular travel route with the romantic road coach ride. Did you know that your eurail pass is much more than a train ticket across europe. Eurail and the european railway network are two different things the former is an overpriced reseller, and the latter is a vast network consisting of several subnetworks, each operated by a national rail operator or a private rail operator. Thats a lot of coin, but can easily save you a small fortune if youll be traveling every. Some are more obvious than others, so heres a quick breakdown of the best eurail pass benefits youre entitled to. The complete guide on how to use your eurail pass in 2020 and.

In my opinion, the main pro of the eurail pass is the liberty it offers you to explore europe at your own pace. These documents detail all the usage conditions that apply to eurail and interrail passes. Eurail supplements between uk and the mainland on eurostar and between paris and belgium on thalys are notoriously expensive. The eurailselect pass covers either 3,4 or 5 connecting eurail countries listed out of the above 20 eurail network countries. Over the course of the trip i rode a mix of highspeed trains and regional trains, i sat in crowded trains and empty trains, and i even missed a few. Over the course of the trip i rode a mix of highspeed trains and regional trains, i sat in crowded trains and empty trains, and i even missed a few tight connections. With a eurail pass you can easily travel from country to country and discover the. The ultimate eurail pass has to be the eurail global pass. Passholder fare, a special fare for travelers holding eurail passes, are available for major premier trains. In the rail planner app, thello trains paris to milan and venice appear as en euronight.

With a eurail pass you can travel in all countries on the europe rail map above, now including great britain. Having had a firsthand knowledge of using a eurail pass in a variety of situations, we would like to share all our experiences, tips and tricks. Two children aged 11 and under can travel free with at least one adult. You can choose to only search for trains that accept your global pass, and you can see at a glance which trains ask. You can download our rail planner app for free and it works offline. I think one has to be some sort of experienced expert to make any eurail pass actually work to ones advantage. Europe by eurail has been the train travelers onestop source for visiting europes cities and countries by rail for more than forty years. The eurail global pass now covers virtually all european countries even britain. The rail planner app makes your eurail or interrail journey smooth and stress free, whether youre planning your next trip from your sofa or searching for your. Neither the ticket nor the pass cover is valid on its own. Find out about the latest job vacancies with eurail. If you or anyone in your party is a traveller aged 12 to under 28 years of age on the first date of travel, discounted rates are available for certain rail passes. After reading all the posts on this site, were getting a little confused if eurail passes are the best way to go. Additionally, some private railway companies do not participate in the eurail and interrail pass offer.

For seeitall train travelers out to experience as much of europe as possible, the eurail global pass is the best option. Get a general overview to all types of eurail tickets, night train connections and train types. Once the rail planner app is downloaded you wont even need an internet connection, except when you use some special features. A eurail pass is valid with many european railway companies. They serve as supplements to the pass guides provided with the purchase of your eurail or interrail pass. The eurail group, based in utrecht, is responsible for the marketing and management of the eurail and interrail passes. The eurail selectpass offers 5, 6,8,10, and 15 days of travel within a. If your focus falls on england, home to nine distinct regions including london, this pass will make it. The rail planner app makes your eurail or interrail journey smooth and stressfree, whether youre planning your next trip from your sofa or searching for your next train at the station. Flexi pass is available for any 5 or 7 days within 1 month or.

Youll save money avoiding the reservation fee, follow a more scenic route, and have the option of stopping off at one of these three outstanding stopoffs. Proof of residence can be established by government issued residency documents, such as a drivers licence. The following 11 tips outline a foolproof way of getting the most out of your interraileurail pass. A guide to using a eurail pass to explore europe by train. Its more than just a train ride, its a journey full of breathtaking. Discover train travel in europe with our convenient and affordable eurail pass. You need to activate your eurail pass within 11 months of the issue date. Eurail is a rail pass for inexpensive train travel in 28 countries of europe. Sleepers on the viennavenice leg can sell out quickly. Buy eurail global pass online flexible or consecutive. A eurail trip is the perfect way to explore europe and its wonderful cities and landscapes. Downloading interraileurails rail planner app is the very first thing you should do. Information and useful links to help travellers before, during and after their journey.

While eurail and interrail passes are accepted on most trains throughout europe, some trains require an advanced. The thello is not included in the eurail eurail pass, but you will get a 25% discount on the full fare ticket. This is a supplement, sometimes erroneously referred to as a reservation because with the supplement your accommodations are reserved. The eurail pass is the most flexible way to travel around europe for noneuropean residents. If you are considering buying a eurail pass, you should really do your research into where you want to go and weigh up the cost of the tickets you would have to purchase vs the eurail ticket cost. Here we have an updated map of all the intercontinental railway lines of europe. Mar 28, 2019 we provide rail planner eurailinterrail 3. Beginners guide to eurail passes 2020 buy a eurail pass online. The idea of hopon and hopoff any train coming through is extremely attractive, and eurail certainly implies that this is possible except in its fine print. Rail planner eurailinterrail download apk free online. Eurail pass holders receive a 20% discount on the romantic road route. The eurail global pass gives the maximum choice as it covers practically the whole of the european continent. Sep 12, 2014 most eurail pass users follow the popular routes through italy.

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