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The ap20 permits a large range of custom variations and weighs only 900 g, making it the ideal air pistol for beginners, young. A hammerli hard case, owners manual with other literature, colored barrel covers, din adapter, gauge, and a few other extras are included. The ap20 permits a large range of custom variations and weighs only 900 g, making it the ideal air pistol for beginners, young people, target clubs and ambitious recreational shooters. Finals 10m air pistol men issf world cup series 2011, combined stage 2, sydney aus duration. Shop from numrich gun parts selection of hammerli products today. Hammerli sp20 american rifleman october 1999 49 the new hammerli sp20 target pistol comes wellequipped with standard accessories including. It also has a longer tank with integrated manometer, but parallel under the barrel. The ap20 pro takes advantage of walthers modular system by incorporating proven components from the topoftheline lp400. Hammerli pistols partsaccessories page 2 airgunsplus. An established manufacturer of pistols and boltaction rifles. The ap20 permits a large range of custom variations and weighs only 900 g, making it the ideal air pistol for beginners, young people, target clubs and.

Hammerli ap20 pro competition air pistol american airgunners. Hello, i lost the front sight for my hammerli ap20 anybody knows where i can order. Huge monies style jewelry lucite resin ring gift for her boho style personalized handmade in usa s8. Filling adaptors for hammerli ap20 match air pistol. It is in a class of its own on the market for match air pistols. I bears absolutely no relation to either the new ap20 or the pro, which are walthers through and through. I shoot an old hammerli ap40 junior, and that is an excellent and highly underrated pistol. Finally got a hammerli ap20 pro sorted out for my daughter and she is very happy.

Nowadays hammerli is part of the german gun manufacturer walther. Carabine hammerli 850 xt air magnum 8 coups 16 joules. A lowcost match air pistol for priceconscious target shooters. We offer the largest selection of hard to find parts. All of these features, in addi tion to the allaluminum. Hammerli guns for example small bore handguns and air rifles are used by many great shooters at world championships and the olympic games krale. From young shooters to adults of any age, the hammerli ap20 10meter competition pcp pistol will work with you, not against you. Hammerli was originally a swiss company founded in 1863 by johann ulrich hammerli. To go with it, there is a complete selection of hammerli accessories.

These firearms are mostly for shooting and olympic events. Compressed air system 200 bar walnut grip right with 3d adjustment, grip size m 200 bar slimline aluminium cylinder with integrated pressure gauge adjustable match trigger turnable foresight with three different widths variable rear sight width, infinitely adjustable sights adjustable in longitudinal direction six barrel jackets in. If out of stock and you would like to preorder, send an email request for a paypal invoice to be sent to you that you can pay with your credit card. Anyone had a chance to try the hammerli ap20 pro yet. The ap20 pro comes complete with a righthanded, mediumsized walnut grip, as well as a slimline aluminium air cylinder as standard. The hammerli ap20 pro target air pistol is a highquality match and target pistol for shooters who are looking for a high quality, lowpriced pistol. Walther hammerli ap20 single shot target air pistol in. Founded in 1886 in zellamehlis, thuringia, the carl walther company today is known for largecaliber pistols used by police and other law enforcement authorities. Besides meeting the highest standards, it comes at a sensationally low price. The 850 airmagnum is a hightech, fixed barrel, 8shot repeating rifle that features a uniform, rapid rate of fire at a velocity of 760 feet per second. Hammerli ap20 pro competition air pistol fullpaintball. Field target shooting has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of decades, with a national network of clubs and tournaments, spreading the word to an ever wider audience a world championship title is keenly contested, and the fact that such an event is now rarely staged in the uk is testament indeed as to the genuine worldwide popularity of ft, as a growing number of countries. Precharged pneumatic pcp compressed air system single shot walnut grip with 3d adjustment righthanded medium grip size 200 bar slimline aluminum cylinder with integrated pressure gauge max fill approx.

The pro version of the hammerli ap20 competition air pistol is an affordable match air pistol for priceconscious target shooters. Issf international shooting sport federation 159,468 views. Ive got the din adapter with it and ive got a pump with the usual 18 bsp female thread. Following last years highly successful launch of the hammerli ap20 for gun clubs, walther has introduced the pro version, a lowcost match air pistol for priceconscious target shooters. Hammerli sporting arms are known for their functionality, longevity and modern design. Hammerli ap20 10 meter pcp pellet pistol baker airguns. Be sure to test your knowledge and take the fun air gun quiz. Benennung designation pg 62 2500892 gewindestift m4x0,35x6 setscrew a 63 2797925 gewindestift m4x6 kunststoffzapfen setscrew c 64 2654300 gewindestift m4x0,35x8 setscrew f.

In addition, there is a wide range of special accessories, allowing shooters to upgrade the pistol according to their individual needs. Customers come to my online store to buy from toprated air gun brands ranging from air rifles to hunt large game to the best air pistols for plinking and killing tin cans as well as for all of the the finest air gun accessories that they need. Hammerli ap20 air pistol precharged pneumatic pcp singleshot boltaction can be moved for right or lefthanded shooters rifled steel hammerli match barrel removable proline aluminum air reservoir reservoir mounts vertically or horizontally to change center of gravity 200 bar approx. Our units are through drilled to allow for conventional bleeding of the charging system without the need to partly unscrew the reservoir whilst still under pressure. Hammerli is back the hammerli match air rifle is now available in a completely new designed version made by walther. Very light handling characteristics can be good or bad depending on individual preferences. Hammerli ap20 match air pistol john rothery wholesale. The haemmerli ap20 pro is a modified ap20, with the wooden grip from the walther lp400.

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